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Meeting Place : Between Broadcast

A project around activist videos
Open Wednesday to Saturday, 12pm - 6pm

From 2nd June onwards
curated by Marianna Liosi and Between Bridges

The selection of videos that I have proposed for Between Broadcast stems from the continuation of my research around spectatorship, the generative role of the viewer and their engagement through the mediation of technology.
At this particular stage I'm interested in the re-thinking of videos found on YouTube, visual accounts that have been posted by anonymous citizens and excerpts from broadcasting channels from between 2010 – 2015, whilst considering how the value of these videos can change over time.

I've chosen videos of pacifist collective gatherings, public speeches, empowering anecdotes as well as expressions of dissent that have gained thousands of 'views' and that have shaped my imagination of certain political events, episodes in which citizens have shown active political reaction towards an oppressive status quo. Situations that I feel I've experienced through the screen. These visual fragments - lasting minutes or just seconds - are still very iconic today and empowering for me and I remember them as crucial for describing an intense historical time or emblematic moment.

Subjective reports from personal perspectives that show various forms of activism in public which, thanks to their viral circulation through 'likes' and 'shares' across online social media platforms, have contributed towards the construction of individual and collective historical legitimization of such events.

I have invited Between Bridges to contribute their own selection of videos from YouTube that have made an impression on them, of images that have stayed with them over time and that they consider examples of activism.
How has our affection for these images evolved over the time? What kind of engagement do we have with them? What might this long lasting empathy produce? Is the act of remembering an additional form of circulation for these images? If so, what sort of collective outcome can it generate?

Marianna Liosi (b. 1982, Italy, is an independent curator living in Berlin. Through her research she explores the aesthetics of social, economic and political dynamics, with specific attention to media, technology and the question of spectatorship in relation to engagement. She has curated exhibitions, film programmes, and workshops. Among them: Regarding Spectatorship: Revolt and the Distant Observer, Kunstraum Kreuzberg/Bethanien, Berlin (2015); Leisure Complex, Savvy Contemporary, Berlin, Germany (2014); When spectators work, workers observe, Kunsthuis SYB, Beetsterzwaag, The Netherlands (2014). She has recently published on the text: Human rights and the internet from a curatorial perspective: reflections on the show Regarding Spectatorship: Revolt and the Distant Observer.

Every Thursday evening events:

2nd June, 7pm
Opening : Between Broadcast, An event curated by Marianna Liosi & Between Bridges

9th June, 7pm
Between Broadcast, An event curated by Marianna Liosi & Between Bridges
Film screening : Passagen (2005) by Stefan Constantinescu (62 min, OV with English subtitles)

Passagen follows uprooted lives of three Chileans who were forced to leave Chile in the aftermath of the coup d'état led by Pinochet in 1973. All three ended up living under Nicolae Ceausescu's communist dictatorship, and in time, two of them decided to emigrate to Sweden, while one managed finally to return to his homeland. Through the protagonists' shared experiences, the film touches on the distinct social structures in Chile, Romania and Sweden. A film about refugees, expectations, estrangement, prejudices and loneliness, as well as about the ways in which the past reflects into the present.

16th June, 7pm
Between Broadcast, An event curated by Marianna Liosi & Between Bridges
Film screening: Prime Time in the Camps (1993) by Chris Marker (28 min, OV with English subtitles)

In Roska Camp in Slovenia, Bosnian refugees, deprived of everything they owned, decide, with the technical help of a N.G.O., to put together a way to retrieve information. They create a television programme, equipped with all the elements to make it appear like actual Television: with anchorpersons, jingles, and pirating of shows that talks about them. Reflecting on spectatorship and self-representation, the film reflects on the attempt of refugees to emerge from the forced invisibility and anonymity and to enter the official chronicle

23rd June, 7pm
The EU referendum in the UK: Public screening at Between Bridges of the referendum results as they come in.

30th June, 7pm
Film screening curated by Yusuf Etiman. (Details to be announced)

Meeting Place - Workshop
Saturday, 11th June, 3pm - 6pm
Craftworkshop with 1+all

1+all is an initiative intended to integrate Refugees into networks through individual crafting techniques. Everybody is welcome to join and no experience is required. The aim is to collectively develop a shirt collection for a fashion show. 1+all provides it's knowhow, techniques, materials and tools. In this workshop we'll knit, stitch, crochet, cut out, braid, knot, talk and laugh.

Meeting Place

Meeting Place Archive .... (here)



Exhibition Archive:

Meeting Place - from 14.4.16 onwards
Doppelleben - Kunst und Popmusik, by Jörg Heiser (book launch), 7.3.16
Jochen Lempert, 14. 11 16. 01. 2016

Anders Clausen, 19.09. 07.11.2015
Fashion Stories, 2.7 1.8 /2.9. – 12.09. 2015
Greer Lankton, 11.04.15 - 20.06.15
Bring Your Own (Playback Room pt. III), 4.02.15 – 28.02.15
American Producers (Playback Room pt.II), 15.11.2014 – 31.01.2015
Edgewise: A Picture of Cookie Mueller by Chloé Griffin (book launch), 6.11.14
Colourbox - Music of the group (1982 - 1987), 13.09.14 – 25.10.14
Scott King, Totem Motif, 17.05.14 – 12.07.14
And Life Goes On… (curated by Karl Holmqvist), 22.03.14 – 04.05.14
Patrick Caulfield, 09.01.14 08.03.14

Marte Eknæs, Escalate, 24.09.11
Len Lye, 'Free Radicals', 19.3.11 21.4.11
Gerd Arntz (1900 - 1988) and Isotype, 13.10.10 28.11.10
Jenny Holzer, Truisms (1977 - 79) and Essays (1979 - 82), 22.05.09 5.7.09
Ull Hohn, 13.02.09 29.03.09
25/34 Photographes (Ralf Marsault / Heino Muller), Fin de Siècle, 7.11.08 21.12.08
Wilhelm Leibl (1844 - 1900), 19.9.08 2.11.08
The Center for Land Use Interpretation, 5.6.08 27.7.08
Isa Genzken, Ground Zero (2), 4.4.08 25.5.08
Art Club 2000, Selected Works 1992 1994, 27.11.07 - 20.1.08
Charles Henri Ford, The Garden of Disorder, 10.10.07 25.11.07
Charlotte Posenenske - Series DW (corrugated cardboard) 1967, 19.4.07 24.6.07
Josef Kramhöller, 25.1.07 11.3.07
Sister Corita; works from the 1960s, 5.10.06 26.11.06
Wolfgang Breuer; Umbel, 30.6.06 24.9.06
David Wojnarowicz, 20.4.06 4.6.06
Jochen Klein

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